Tennis & Squash Online Court Booking system with fully integrated Club Management

Here you will find resources & documentation to help you build or assist with your site.

Trouble Tickets

If you require further assistance you may log a call with us. Please note that the system only accepts calls logged with a registered Administrator's email address. All correspondance is though this contact, so please ensure you have this available when logging calls.


Administration Guide v2.7 (3.0Mb)

This is a guide for the Administration Panel, the first componet of the eBookingOnline System that will need to be configured

Mobile Web App Guide (1.0Mb)

This is a guide for the installation and use of our Mobile Web App for IOS and Android Devices, typically used by members.

Club PC Setup Guide for Windows 7/8/10

This is an important guide in helping you to setup your PC in the club regardlesss of whether you are using a touchscreen monitor or a mouse and standard display. You will get top tips ensuring that the end user experience is the best possible, we strongly reccommend that you read and follow this guide.

Club PC Installing Update Patch for Windows 7/8 for Internet Explorer Recovery

This tech note details the patch procedure to enable automatic recovery of your club PC should the Internet connection fail.

Advanced Database Use

This guide details the database structure and shows you how to import and export extended fields. It also details how to access the database remotely and use applications such as MS Office to fully integrate with this system.

Court fees & Billing

This guide details how to incorporate our billing system into your system so that you can charge for courts and receive payaments online.

Customise web pages

This guide details how to customise the web page headers so that it can be adapted to your own clubs branding.

Quick reference Guide

This is a simple 2 Step guide for making a court booking which is aimed for end user reference

Video Tutorial

This is a short video tutorial demonstrating how to make a court booking [This requires the Shockwave Plugin]

Database Upload file

This is an example file in MS Excel that can be used to help create your CSV file for uploading into the membership database, it also includes creating random user PINs

Demo System

This is a fully working demonstration site where you can get a feel for the product making and changing bookings from a standard user to a system administrator.

Remote Database Access

Web authentication for remote database access - please note you must have registered and purchased remote access and have a valid username and password for this service. This can be ordered through the ADMIN PANEL.

Controlling Lights and Heating

A guide to controller indoor and outdoor lighting systems